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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

A Gift for Easter…

And so a Malaysian newspaper has reported that Iran has decided safely to release the 15 British military prisoners it held, accused of straying into Iranian territory, as a gift to Britain for Easter. Read the article here. Great news, I feel!

I never once considered that Iran’s government held any malevolent intent towards them. Their proclamations (no more trustworthy than those of the British and American Governments, I personally believe, cf: Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction) that they did not hold them in exchange for the release of Iranian prisoners, treatment of the prisoners healthwise (in comparison to those at Guantanamo Bay), and suchlike made me believe they would not hurt them.

I cannot comment on the ‘confessions’, except to state that they did seem too … convenient to me. I kept thinking they must have ‘forced’ those confessions out of them in some way.

At any rate, the British media itself engaged in some wild propaganda of its own (something it accused Iran of doing). Referring to arrested personnel as ‘kidnapped’ and ‘hostages’ speaks volumes, especially compared to the coverage and treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay by Poodle Blair’s ally in George Bush’s TWAT (The War Against Terror), namely America.


Ruth D~ said...

Turn about is fair play. I checked out your blog after you popped up on mine. How'd you do that?

Man's inhumanity to man . . . propaganda . . .lies and truth mingled . . . who knows what to believe? It's not good, though, is it?

I'll be back, now and then.


Kodanshi said...

Many thanks for that. And I would agree with you: definitely not good!

As for how I popped up on your blog, serendipity, kismat, fate, call it what you want. The ‘Next Blog’ button at the top of the page helps… ;-Þ

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