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Monday, 2 April 2007

The Arts & Farces of the Workplace

We had new counters installed at work on Saturday. We had to close (we usually open Saturday mornings), and when I walked in to work today the single counter had extensions to it, and large glass counters replacing the previous unimpeded face–to–face contact we used to share with customers (whom we call ‘members’).

I took a picture of our new look counters and should upload that later when I install Bluetooth software onto my home computer. Alas my previous computer conked out, meaning I have many pictures & songs on there I can’t access; I never made a backup of them because my old computer didn’t have any CD– or DVD–writing capabilities. I realise I never took a picture of our old–style counter, so a pic of the new counter only looks impressive in context… Hmmm.

Other than that we have had numerous problems with our computing software, mainly due to us not taking the time out to iron out all difficulties prior to opening to the public. We should have closed until lunchtime, come in early and fitted all the computers, ensured they worked fine in conjunction with our server, and only then opened to the public — instead of all these farts & arses we’ve now had to endure.

Score: p00 out of 10.

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