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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Calzaghe’s Boxing Career … Over.

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Calzaghe told career is over by doctor
Super-middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe was given the fright of his life by a
doctor following his easy third round victory over Peter Manfredo in Cardiff
earlier this month.

Boxing’s longest reigning world champion, 35, once
again hurt one of his fists during a WBO title defense and sought medical

But the first doctor Calzaghe consulted informed the unbeaten
Welshman that the damage to his scaphoid bone (in the base of the thumb) was so
severe that he would be forced into retirement.
The article goes on to state that he went for a second opinion (always a wise thing to do in cases such as these), and received news that his fractured scaphoid bone will heal in time for him to fight in September of this year.

It makes me wonder which Dr has the edge in accuracy there…

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