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Thursday, 5 April 2007

Arab Headdresses

So… the Arabic, made–for–desert headdress — known as a keffiyah or shemagh — has now turned into a fashion.

I see folks here in England, both men & women, wearing it as displayed above in a scarf style. Cool, but it really feels weird that people have simply taken something used as a barrier against sand & heat and subsumed it into a fashion culture.

I wonder how many of them have any understanding of Arabs whatsoever…


Ian said...

And it's on fucking backwards

w.q. said...

the problem is not that they are wearing it for its main purpose as protection against sand, wind, and the sun. but that people are wearing it for fashion, it holds a deeper meaning then just looking good. it has political meaning, if you don't know the meaning then don't bother wearing it, it's just disrespectful if you do. (look up the meaning if you don't know it. hint Palestine vs. Israel)

it's not backwards, you can wear it however you want. well think about it it's a head dress wearing it as a scarf is wrong to begin with.

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