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Monday, 23 April 2007

Boxing & Chess vs Islam = FIGHT!

So it turns out that edicts issued by scholars of my religion, Islam, condemn my twin interests, that of boxing and chess, as ‘haraam’ (forbidden). After long discussion on one particular forum, someone concluded that the Prophet himself condemned any ‘sport’ which involved hitting the face, but endorsed wrestling.

My comments asking for further clarification re: the rules of and reasons behind wrestling have received no response. Almost a week later. Hmmm… (“Things that make you go—”)

clipped from
kashf al–Haqq

Originally Posted by Peacenik View Post
True wrestling … does not involve harmful injury to the other party.

Then what does it involve? Getting sweaty and touching other men, lying on top of them? True wrestling involves strikes and submission holds — all of which cause injury to the other party, or at least intended injury in order to force the other party to tap out or end up so beaten they can’t tap out (eg striking them to a point that you can pin them).
It is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts (22:46)
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