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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Dominant Left Side

This discussion I found on Iain Abernethy’s excellent martial arts forum brought up a seminar by ‘jujutsu man Harold Howard’ detailing that humans present the left side of their bodies as the dominant one due to the right side of the brain controlling aggressiveness.

The chap who posted this up has hyperlinked further information so I’ll check up on that. It certainly gives fresh meaning the Boxing’s ‘Orthodox’ stance!
I once attended a seminar where the instructor
went into a lot of detail about human dominance, aggression, and eye contact.
the ideas presented were based on the notion that the left brain is recognized
as passive, the right brain as controlling aggression. Since the left brain
(passive) controls the RIGHT side of body, the RIGHT side of the body is
'passive' to a degree, and vice verse for the right brain/LEFT side. So in a
nutshell, humans are wired to instinctually present the 'dominant' (left) side
of our bodies forward and make an effort to destroy the aggressive left side of
the defenders face to overcome him.
Since humans often make eye contact through one eye, strong left eye contact
can be perceived to be a threatening danger signal.
Funny thing is, I have experimented with this a little and found it to be true
in most cases where someone is giving you their best "tough guy" look
Fascinating stuff, thanks Mike!


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