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Monday, 10 March 2008

This is what Religion does to People…

i just need help what to do with my evil thoughts.

every time i do good
thing i keep thinking about it, i know it is bad and it will lead me to jahannam

Even my family is muslim family my father start to pray 4-5 years ago
and he had changed a lot, my brother doesnt pray and my mom neither i start to
pray 2-3 weeks ago and i m doing quite fine with time and amount of pray my
father told me that i am very good son and good person. no no no and i start to
think that i am special. i really wanna do good things to people and then when i
have done it i feel so good and wanna do more and then my thoughts tell me "stop
that's it , that's enough" and then i think yeah that's enough i am doing enough
i am a good person ( i am afraid i am starting be arrogant and start to think
that i am special ) may Allah forgive me , astofurlo surely i am in trouble i
was crying and repending to Allah , i dunno i really dunno what to do i dont
wanna be in Hell please can anyone advise me what else i can do
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Anonymous said...

Excellent, let's have some more Allah-bashing, please.

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