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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Kamui on Kail

Kamui critiques SEXGOD KAIL’s DMC3 abilities…
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He's actually a terrible editor. I really don't think that just changing the tint on your videos counts as being the best editor out there. Honestly, make more than one or two vids and I can assure you that you'll not only have better editing skills, but DMC3 skills that blows him right out of the water.

His editing consists of three things:

1. Boosting the speed.
2. Adding in retarded tints to give Vergil a red coat and Dante a bluish one.
3. Looping Kamelot songs over and over.

Nothing really else. Even with his limited combo potential he never once bothers to mix up his clips in a good order to give it any semblance of variety, which is a fucking terrible thing when his videos are 30 fucking minutes long.

Don't sell yourself short. Just about anyone can match up to him pretty easily.
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