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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Allah has said… wrote:
allah has said
Let me stop you right there. Of course people say that the Qur’ân represents the true word of god but it clearly doesn’t. Plenty of passages obviously come from a human since they talk about allah in a reverential way. Even if they didn’t (which they do), you still can’t say ‘allah has said’ because allah has not said. The correct phraseology would go a little something like this:

“Allah told Gabriel told Muhammad to have his followers commit this passage to memory or write it down on the scapulæ of oxen or the shoulderblades of camels until a committee appointed by the third rightful khalif could collect it in order to stem the spread of alternative rescensions.”

Once you start to use that phrase every time you want to write ‘allah said’ (all of it factually accurate according to muslim sources) you will see how the Qur’ân sounds less like the word of allah and more like fourth generational hearsay.

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