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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Tattoos Gone Wrong!

Oh dear… In line with various sites which display gross incompetencies in Hebrew tattoos, I found this picture of a woman with the Arabic word for family tattooed on her neck… But written left–to–right instead of right–to–left! Oopsie…

arabian "family"

This tattoo is set to Public



Anonymous said...

Do you think that maybe the picture is mirrored by any chance?

Kodanshi said...

I don’t think anyone has mirror reversed the picture because the shape of the letters themselves point in the right direction. An English equivalent: R instead of Я.

Anonymous said...

The tattoo doesn't say anything... Krisa. Is that her name? Besides, the script is all wrong. the "s" is supposed to connect to the "a"... whack. This is why you shouldn't get tattoos in languages you don't read.

Kodanshi said...

That's actually an ending ta-marbuta. She got it done as individual letters and left to right instead of right to left.

It should actually say:


Anonymous said...

you're an IDIOT HAHAHAH OMGGGGGG ... IF YOU WANNA KNOW HOW STUPID THIS IS ... SAY I WANT TO GET A TATTO ... AND INSTEAD OF GETTING A (PERMAAAANENNNNNNTTTTT) TATTO THAT SAYS "FAMILY" .. I GET " Y _| i m a F " .. IT REALLY LOOKS THAAAT MESSED UP.. with the F merrored, couldnt find an equivelant ... .. but who cares ... you can still tell people it means family lol .. nobody would understand .. lol

Kodanshi said...

I’M the idiot? YOU’RE clearly the idiot if you cannot see that I was posting a picture of a woman with a ‘TATOO GONE WRONG’, and not a picture of myself.


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