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Saturday, 9 June 2007

American Prophets and the Efficacy of Prayer

It turns out that despite widespread atheism and agnosticism, people still do believe in the powers of petitioning God with prayer, and that God would act on the behalf of people in a war. Behold:
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One last word about religion, I believe, no, i KNOW god and heaven and hell exists, its in the Bible, plus my country, United States, was mostly formed on account of prayer and half of the wars we won were because people prayed. For example, in the battle right before Gettysburg, Civil War, we were losing, then we ran out of ammo, Lincoln had everyone kneel in prayer to God that we might win and then a man riding a White Horse in a Revolutionary War attire jumps out of nowhere and starts riding ahead of all the battle lines, taking the fire from the southern america army because he could not be hit in battle. (That man fits the description of George Washington, our first president, and a very holy man, the Civil War was far ahead of his time so how could he be there?)

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