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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Proud, British and … errr … Muslim?

Interesting. A recent Gallup poll has shown that muslims in London feel far more integrated than a lot of the ‘native’ population! Done, unfortunately, on a rather small cross–section of the population, nonetheless it shows great hope — and definitely smashes a lot of the talk on muslims unwilling to integrate with Britain…

Muslims Proud to be British

London Muslims are more proud of being British than their non-Muslim
counterparts, a poll revealed this week.

The independent survey by the Gallup Organisation found that the Muslim attitude towards the Government and Britain’s institutions is far more positive than other Britons.

Gallup interviewed 500 Muslims and 1,200 members of the wider population.

81% of London Muslims condemn violence even if used in a noble cause.

74% are loyal to Britain.

69% identify very or extremely strongly with their religion.

82% respect other religions.

The poll showed that loyalty to Britain was greater than the general public: 74 per cent as opposed to 45 per cent.

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